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Full Version: Kodi in China
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Im off to china for a work trip and need my kodi, or at least firestick to work

Can anyone help?

What's the problem?
They block the net in China, I have to use a vpn on my laptop/phone just to access Facebook. I'm assuming that kodi streams will be blocked also
Can you not share your VPN from one of them to the stick? Or just take media with you rather than trying to stream stuff, or is that too old fashioned?

There are various VPN solutions and add-ons around, but whether they work on the Firestick I have no idea, and it's not something we especially support anyway as it's a bit outside of our remit.
You could set up the vpn inside Android and it should work, I used that method when I was in Malta a couple of years ago for Netflix and iPlayer
if you want to make vpn work on firestick, the only possible solution is to configure the specific vpn to a router and internet access from it. BTW which vpn did you use previously ?
Just take a memory stick with your media on it. Kodi isn't just about "streams".
What streams exactly?