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Full Version: OpenElec/Pi Recorded TV functionality
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Hi folks, reasonably new to the whole Kodi scene, but I've got some questions about PVR functionality that I'm hoping people can help me with.

First of all; background of my current setup (to be honest, this is pretty much set in stone)

PVR Backend/Storage 1 - Windows 8.1 Media Centre main box, running ServerWMC as backend for streaming out to clients, and WMC for itself.
Quad DVB-T2 tuner recording free-to air - not worried about DRM channels or "free" channels.
Storage 2 - Windows 2012 Server, shared files serving WMC Recorded TV files, DVD/BluRay ISOs, MPeg4 files etc. etc.
Currently ~2500 Windows .WTV files, file naming as per standard WMC conventions, single "Recorded TV" folders, as per WMC.

Client(s), currently 1 but want to roll out more:
Raspberry Pi3, 32GB running OpenElec (latest version - downloaded at the weekend), Kodi 15.2 Isengard, PVR.WMC client. AEON 6 theme

Here is the issue: currently I have only really got two views of my Recorded TV (which is what I use the most on the machine, it is very rare our family watch "Live TV")
1. Flat file list, but no information about the file apart from it's file name
2. Grouped by Programme name (# of episodes), although again, no further programme information apart from a date, which doesn't seem to relate to anything (ie, not date of recording, or date watched)

I would like some way to get some better file views, particularly things like episode name, even better to have full program information that is stored in the WTV Metadata.

I did think I might be able to use "TV Shows", but was advised against adding my Recorded TV folders to this map, but even if I did then because of the filenaming it didn't seem to pick up any show information, so nothing came up on TV Shows.

Here's hoping somebody can help with this Smile