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Full Version: Proposed Enhancement to TMDB Scraper
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Hi All,

I have a suggestion for an enhancement to the current scrapers that Kodi has, and I thought I'd post here to see what other people thought.

For the first example, I was going to use TMDB scrapper.

There is occasionally a need for addons to find out things like the ID of a movie on a particular site, the addon can't just read the ID used within Kodi as it will not know which scraper was used to create that Id. So I thought, could a module be added to existing scrapers that did a simple select when given the "name" and "year" of a movie.

I have had a mess about with "metadata.common.themoviedb.org" and added such a module

So to call it you would just put the dependency in your addon.xml as usual, then do something like:
from tmdb import TMDB
tmdb = TMDB()
details = tmdb.get_by_name(title, year)

This actually returns a json response for you to do whatever you like with, but it's a start.

What do people think? In theory this could be done for many of the scrapers.


Hi all,

I thought that I'd create a pull request for this one.

Seemed like the best way to see what people thought.