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Full Version: Quartz for newer builds of Kodi
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HI Guys

After so long, i've finally decided to release my modded quartz skin (thanks pecinko) with the moddifications to make it run on newer builds of Kodi.

(What I found with this fabulously simple skin was that with the newer builds of kodi, this failed to load or even display correctly, As Pecinko is no longer supporting this version of quartz, I took it upon myself to get this to work
on my kodi deployments running both v15 and v16 or kodi.)

This skin includes my little apple esk tweaks so.....


Be sure to unzip this folder and place it in your addons folder with the rest of your plugins. Once its copied, close and restart Kodi and it should appear as an available skin.

Once this loads up you can modify the titles of the end 3 options from Pictures to Computers, Addons to Internet and XBMC to System.

You will also need to install Skinwidgets plug in if you don't already has this to enable the top row to function.

This modded skin will not have any dependancies and will not install as per normal, you have to copy to the addons folder. So whet you will have is a folder named skin.quartz.modded and within that you will have all the files and folders that make up the skin.

Wow thanks for the work.
I moved to Metropolis, but miss Quartz.

Do you have screenshots? Or is it the same skin, but modified?
Wat does your Tweak do?
Here are some screen shots -

watch gallery

The main issue was the keyboard not showing up or the menu bar's being all messed up when displayed.

You also have to manually load skin widgets to get the top shelf to work.

I don't have a repo or anything fancy like that and this was purely done for my self as a proof of concept to mimic the ATV2 original skin as closely as possible.
But as this skin is no longer being worked on by the great Pecinko I feel it's my duty to release my customised version to the masses Smile

Sorry about the painful installation methed but you guys who want this skin should know how to get it up and running..... the rest of you can stick to the more modern skins available.

Any questions please just ask
Thanks for working on this. i would like to give it a try, but the link provided to dropbox results in a 404. could you please verify the url?
(2016-04-11, 13:20)ap14608 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for working on this. i would like to give it a try, but the link provided to dropbox results in a 404. could you please verify the url?

Correct link is here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2275915
thanks for the link. i was able to install your modded version without issue. it fixes one of the issues i was having. that issue was where the progress indicator for music playback in the MusicVisualisation.xml page was not drawn properly. it appeared that the length of the progress indicator was only a few pixels long. with your modded version, the progress indicator is drawn properly
FYI, home menu customization with favorites is broken in Jarvis. Works in Helix. Hope that can be sorted because it's a dealbreaker for me. Sad