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Full Version: Live Streams - audio out of sync
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Every live stream played with Kodi has audio out of sync (approx 0.2 - 0.3 s audio delayed). Issue does not exists when playing local files, in this case audio and video are synced. Hardware: rockchip, zidoo x6 pro, Lollipop 5.1.1. Also, must be Kodi bug, because YouTube videos are ok (and they are streamed from network as well)

So my questions:
- is it known issue?
- I currently have set audio delay +0.25s for every movie, it works. However, it also applies for local files, so my local files are out of sync. Is it possible to set some delay, that will be applied for network streams only and not for local files? I read doc about advancedsettings.xml but it looks like there is no such setting?

Any advice? (other than to buy nvidia shield or snapdragon based hardware ofc)
Actually, audio is always out of sync. What can I do?
Use SPMC and file bugreports. Kodi has no android maintainer anymore. I will PR the removal of the android project if we don't find someone that wants to maintain it before the v17 release.
To make that more clear perhaps:

That being said: I will PR the removal, I won't push it ... I have no interest in killing android, but unmaintained code with issues (we all here see them be it audio, video, video sync, features) has a longterm problem ... we need someone that will be the maintainer for this platform, one that is responsible. So sad it is - other than that I don't see a solution for Android. Releasing yet another broken release (like v16) is nothing I want to push on users.
Do you mean Kodi for android is actually dead? And it will be removed from play store / not available for download? If so, very bad news. SPMC? Some kind of fork, but not officially supported by Kodi team?

Regarding to my problem - it again could be Rockchip fault and their mediacodec implementation. For now, I am forced to set +0.250 audio delay for all videos (including local files).

P.S. SPMC is dead, latest update is 12/2014 in play store.

Ok, I was wrong: http://spmc.semperpax.com/ play store looks like outdated. But, again no Rockchip support :/
I sure hope Kodi/android does not die. Plex has even more issues on android than Kodi does. V17 has such promise in that all my PT issues are resolved, adjust display works, and audio is consistently in sync, at least on the early 0311 nightly.
What are the 0311 builds? And which is the first build that does not work anymore?

Can you start with "latest nightly" please?
0311 = 11 March nightly build
Okay - that's a very recent one and nothing has changed since that.

All others always told: Adjust Refreshrate + sync is heavily broken and not working ...
SPMC has the same issue with audio sync. Maybe I will report on github. But it seems not all Android users are affected. For sure, newer rockchip devices. But I wolud not blame rockchip here. All other apps, including Youtube and Netflix are ok.

Fortunately, it looks like some constant audio delay, so possible fix is to correct it in audio settings and apply to all videos.

I'm also going to test on my phone (oneplus one, cm13 Marshmallow), but only for info, I don't really need to run kodi on phone
Yes, SPMC has the same issue for me and other apps (such as video players) don't so it does seem to be a Kodi issue on Android.
Every video I play with Kodi or SPMC is out of sync by varying degrees and it's driving me insane.

I have a Sumvision Cyclone x4+. Product details here

The only help online seems to be either:
1) Adjust the audio offset (Not fixing the problem if I have to adjust it differently every time)
2) Turn off hardware acceleration in the video settings, which technically does solve it for x264 videos but stops me playing x265 so I cannot keep this setting like this.

So what is going on?