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Full Version: Help with Illico
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I'm looking for:
a) Anyone who has successfully set up Kodi with Illico
b) Anyone who has successfully set up Kodi with a set-top box and a Hauppage card
c) A setup that people know would work with an Illico set-top box


I used to have a media center PC that was also a PVR using SageTV, and I'm looking for a way to have that again

My problem is that I use a Videotron-Illico which is a digital set-top box that has to be controlled by the PVR software through some kind of IR blaster, and I cannot get any PVR software to send the IR signals to the set-top box.
I have a Hauppauge capture card, and I also have a USB-UIRT which I could use (if that would help)

Kodi looks very interesting, especially the TVMC/TVAddOns setup, if I could get it to work with this setup

Failing an answer how to get Kodi to work with my hardware, can anyone recommend a capture card/IR combination that will control the Illico set-top box?

I spent hours yesterday trying everything: Kodi, Sichbo, WMC, NextPVR and none of them could control the set-top box (tho the capture card is clearly working)[/b]

Background: I loved XBMC and set it up on 3 or four Xboxes