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Full Version: Color change
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Hello there. I'm having a difficult time changing the color of the highlight text in Confluence on the main home screen. Instead of the blue when I hover over the word I want red. Which xml do I have to edit? If you could provide the steps to make this happen I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Hello the entries of this bar are defined in Home.xml, i.e. line 866. The name in the subnode <textcolor> should be defined in colors/defaults.xml.

Regards Yggdrasil,

P.S. If you want search for more position of some label, try a look into my repo: https://github.com/YggdrasiI/skin.confluence.480
You can use './parseTemplates --debug-labels --force' to replace all label text with its position in the xml file. The position should be the same as in the default confluence skin.