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Full Version: New to HDHomeRun - Wheres it going?
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I'm new to HDHomeRun and have only just found out about it.

I'm running Kodi on some Raspberry Pi2s with a Mediaportal backend, I've love to ditch this for a HDHomeRun backend - it looks to be ideal for my purposes.

But, I understand that some of the Kodi integration is still in development - I'd like to know whats happening with it.

Will there be a fully featured HDHomeRun PVR integrated plugin in Kodi?

I see that there is a Silicon dust plugin, but that doesn't record apparently.

I'd appreciate some feedback on what can be done now an whether Kodi will have a HDHomerun PVR integrated?

(I see that there is a PVR plugin available, but this isn't by Silicon dust? Right?)
Silicondust is a great company and supporters for the Kodi project.

You can't go wrong purchasing one of their units.

I'm sure support for their DVR will be added shortly...

I know the plugin is updated to include some of the new API stuff.

As for the PVR backend... I'm pretty sure it will eventually including DVR support if not by the original developer someone else will.
Well I think they are making a DVR plugin for Kodi:

is there support for hdhome run hdhr3-eu? I dont see in the list of supported and unsupported
I've been using an HDHomeRun Prime for the last few years on XBMC/Kodi with a Comcast cablecard and basic HD subscription.

When I first started SiliconDust didn't have the uPNP support on their box or anything in the way of XBMC/Kodi plugins yet. Instead, I used (and still use) MythBackend as my PVR/DVR which works great with the HDHomeRun box and a SchedulesDirect subscription. I have all three tuners hooked up to MythBackend and use the MythTV PVR plugin for Kodi. I've got a few Kodi boxes around the house (Raspberry Pi and two Lightweight boxes with Mini ITX/J1800 cpus and 2 or 4 gb of ram) They all access the same MythBackend and they can all schedule recordings and watch them.

If your concerned about jumping on the Silicon Dust band wagon, don't be. Their support is great. The technical folks there are out front interacting in their forums. They keep throwing new features through firmware updates (like uPNP support, programming updates, and other bells and whistles). Whether your technically minded, or just want to follow a tutorial to roll a quick media center with PVR, it's a great box.
jnevill - so, correct me if I'm wrong, you use HDHomeRun for watching and Myth for recording - so recording and watching are separate systems?
Nope. I use MythBackend and MythTV PVR Plugin for watching/PVR and DVR. HDHR is only in the mix as a tuner (I use its uPNP functionality on my mobile devices too). Essentially I let MythBackend manage the tuners and Schedules Direct EPG for me on all my kodi setups.
Silicondust publishes the HDHomerun View video addon. It will stream LiveTV from their devices, and integrates a guide. If you are beta testing their DVR software, it will access their recording backend so you can view/schedule your recordings.

However, this is only through their video addon. SD have indicated that they have no desire to develop a Kodi PVR addon. (That being said, they are publishing an API for their backend so someone else can make a Kodi PVR addon.) SD's addon does not use a grid EPG like you find in Kodi, and they have no plans to implement/support one, either.

If you signed up for the Kickstarter campaign or bought into their DVR beta program, then you can test out their DVR backend. However, it was scheduled for release in October; they are now at 6 months behind schedule.

I use 2 HDHR Primes connected to MythTV as my backend, and until recently had no problems. (There are several threads from the past month, including mine, on SD's forum about unresolved network problems with their Prime tuners.) if you have a CableCard setup, they really are your best option.
I used to beta test their firmware, but I haven't updated my firmware since late 2014. Are the network issues related to any recent firmware upgrades? Honestly, my set up has been so stable for so long that I haven't been very active in either backend forums or SD forums for a long time.
No, the network issues existed on both the current stable firmware (20150826), and the current beta firmware (20160328atest2). I have a support ticket that's been open for about 3 weeks, and all I've heard is that they are still reviewing logs and investigating.