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Full Version: [Release] Quartz 5 (Jarvis support)
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Just loaded it up now, looks good. A few quick points:
1. The major problem of the home screen bug is that, at the moment, there is no way of accessing kodi settings. I've had to add a keyboard shortcut in the keymap to get around this.
2. The home screen columns are not centred under each heading, they are skewed to the left. EDIT: If I disable the live TV menu by editing home.xml (is there a way in the gui?), then columns are centred again, though problem listed in 4 still exists)
3. Very odd thing that I now can't reproduce... loaded the skin while windowed and had movies/tv/music/pictures/livetv/addons as the menu headings. Changed to full screen and it switched to /tv/music/pictures/livetv/addons/system. Reverted to windowed, but still kept the second set of headings!
4. the box in the pictures menu is cut off on the left hand side

I'm on win7 if that is important.

thanks for getting this far!

Ok. Well, like I said originally. the reason its all messed up is your using pvr and haven't disabled one of the other menus in Settings > Skin > Home Menu. I have Pictures disabled as I don't use that anyway. Thats the bug. With everything enabled originally it's six, and adding pvr makes it seven and right now it screws up the home screen. Disable say Pictures or whatever else you want and it'll all work as theres six or less menu items.

I will also tell you that I have never even tried it on anything but an appletv hooked to a tv. So I am sure keyboard and mouse are still just as screwed up as Quartz has been for quite some time.

But, thats the issue with the home screen with pvr enabled.
Oh, and also instead of editing the gui code to disable live tv, you could just disable it in Settings > Live TV if you want to test it. Probably be easier. Like I said the big bug is more than 6 main menu items. Doesn't matter which ones they are. The entire main menu animation etc. is hard coded for a max of 6. Thats the bug I intend to fix this week. Then I could also add some custom user specifiable menus that could be optionally enabled etc.
Ah, yes, didn't think about simply disabling one of the other menus. I tend to do a lot of customisation of xml files so just dived straight in.

Just checked - keyboard dialog seems to work fine, but can't bring up number pad/ip address dialog (and just to say - I'm not complaining about any of this, just flagging up. I'm really pleased to have a viable Quartz again, and none of the issues I've found are massive problems. I really appreciate what you've done).

Yeah, haven't touched any of the keyboard stuff or anything so it's probably in whatever shape it was in. Mostly (as you can tell by the commits on git hub) its the OSD's and pvr took quite some time as there was pretty much nothing at all there. Oh, and the miniplayer, we use that a lot here for music (kids and whatnot) so pretty much did that the way seemed the most user friendly here. Like all things pretty much worked on what we use here first. Same would apply to views, pretty much all big list here or media info so really haven't even looked at big thumbs and such. That home screen is the big thing as it's kind of a show stopper if you want to use all of the menu items including pvr.
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