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Full Version: KODI playback screen size too big
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I have A Matricom box with KODI installed. I just updated the Matricom to its latest firmware. This problem occured after the Matricom update When I run KODI the picture is too big for the screen, it is off the screen on the right side by a lot.
I have followed all the instructions online to calibrate my screen size using KODI system settings but that does not fix the problem. Can someone please help me with this problem, Thanks
Is it just Kodi or are other android apps affected? If so try adjusting overscan settings in Android.
It's amlogic, right?
If so, disable amlcodec.
I was having the same problems with my smart box kodi player. Any video I played on Kodi was appeared too big for my screen. I could only see the to left of any video. After 2thousand days of trial and error, I found the issue and corrected it by going to SYSTEM/SETTINGS/VIDEO/ACCELERATION/.... and then disabling (amcodec). Turning it to the off position. Please remember I'm brand new working with Kodi and I just letting you guys know what worked for me.