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Full Version: [TVShowTime][FIXED] Weird Notification with "How To Get Away With Murder" TV Series
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Hi guys,

Today, I experienced a weird thing that happenned 2 nights ago. I looked the 2 first episode of the season 2 of the tv show "how to get away with murder" and I didn't pay attention at the moment but a bug happened.

To keep track of my tv show's status, I use the website tv show time and the addon to notify automatically the app when I completed an episode. But today, I saw that all episode that I'd seen wasn't check. So I tried to look at it by tring it again and I discovered that it was checking the tv show called "Murder in the first". I tried after with an episode of the first season, and here again, the notification informed Tv show time that I saw, this time, an episode of "Murder".

Is this a bug or anything ?

TLDR ; Notification to tv show time the wrong tv show.

Season 1 Episode X of "How to get away with murder" ---> Season 1 Episode X of "Murder"
Season 2 Episode X of "How to get away with murder" ---> Season 1 Episode X of "Murder in the first"

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FIXED : Maybe found a way to fix it. Tried to rename again with filebot using TBDB scrapper and then using TMDB scrapper inside Kodi. Seems to work for now.