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Full Version: Failed getting episode metadata
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Whenever I try to scrape an episode for information, I get the following error:

Failed getting episode metadata - try to search for the right episode

OS - Windows 10
Media reside on a NAS
TMM version 2.7.3

Try renaming your main Folder. American Horror Story (2011)
Then your season folders as it is in the link.
works for me - please send us the logfile/bugreport.

Cannot see, if your entire show has already been scraped, and if there are tvdb ids already set...
Was there ever any resolution to this issue? I'm having the same problem with my TMM, and it's only happening with the TV shows. An initialization of the cache didn't work
we never got any bug report..

but you need to have a _valid_ show id prior to getting episode meta data. Did you scrape the TV show first? (or open the TV show editor and check if it has a valid scraper id)
I figured out my problem...i had all of my shows buried in a subfolder sitting one level below what i indicated in the settings. thank you for the quick QUICK response!