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Full Version: Setup question
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I've got that bug to use Kodi as my complete entertainment center. The only missing part is Live TV.

I'm not sure this is appropriate for this section as it dabbles into hardware issues.

So, my gear has the following limitations:

1) Cable setup, how is it? I imagine it's decoder >>> capture device >>> PC >>> receiver >>> TV?.
2) The PC does not have any free PCI expansion slots, as it features a full-size gaming GPU.

What I want to know:

1) What type of tuner/capture device I need? My region uses Japanese standard with modifications.
2) How much of an IQ loss would I have if I didn't send untouched HDMI signal to the PC? (for example if I used component instead of HDMI)
3) Is it possible to use one of those network capture devices to manage TV signal? Is it able to function as a backend for two Kodi instances at the same time?

It really sounds like a lot of work just to make everything look prettier than simply using the TV source switch, but the point of a media center is to look pretty, isn't it? Wink