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Full Version: Search from a Track
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Hi All,

Very new to Kodi but I have put together two Addons.

They add a "Search for" button on the context menu when you look at music tracks they simply pass % and then the Artist or Track Title to http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Global_Search

I've been using these myself for a few days now and have found it really opens up your music library as you can quickly flick to all tracks from that artist on a mixed album or find versions of a track by other artists. This is already possible using the search direct or going through the artist filters but seen as the information is on screen it takes two clicks to get to the tracks directly from any track


Links below :

Please feel free to give them a try, They are offered to try and they are Betas so at your own risk people !



I'd like to try your addons. But unfortunately the your links are broken (at least for me...)


Sorry they are back now ..... these will only work with Kodi 15 and below!