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Full Version: Fanart and Posters, External HDD
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Can someone please give me a few pointers on how to get Fanart/Cover art and Posters displaying for content from an external HDD? I'm after the same visual effect which you get when using the Exodus (or similar, streaming) addons. I currently just seem to get a video generated image on a thumbnail for the external HDD.

I'm using an android tv box and the movies on the external HDD are stored not in individual folders per movie but in collective folders named "A-F, G-L", etc, corresponding to the movie names.

I presumed a scraper would automatically find the artwork but this obviously isn't the case.
Browser to the folders and right click and "Set Content"... Read the following...

Set_content (wiki)
Brilliant! Thanks iMac. I was right clicking the actual movie files rather than the root HDD folder. Once I did this the option for "set content" was there and 10 minutes later I had all the posters and fanart covers!

Excellent, I'm so happy! The simple things in life...
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