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Full Version: HDHR Prime Fire TV has blurry image
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Watching anything that moves fast, like hockey the picture looks blurry, even text tickers at the bottom of some shows looks blurry.

I'm using TV Junkies Kodi plugin, any idea what I should change to make the picture look better for hockey or fast moving objects? It does this for all apps, I downloaded the NBCSN app and hockey looks blurry on that also.

These setting are from TV Junkies kodi plugin.

Deinterlace Video - Auto
Deinterlace method - Auto select
Video scaling method - Bilnear
View mode - Normal
Zoom amount - 1.00
Vertical shift - 0.00
Pixel ratio - 1.00
post processing - off

Verizon Local TV
Verizon 25/25 interent
Everything is CAT 6
Cable goes straight into the HDHR Prime, no splitters
Amazon Fire TVs hard wired

Any idea?
No ideas?
As I have stated in some of your other threads this is due to de-interlacing.... Turn deinterlace to off and the blur will go away but you will see combing. No device natively supports de-interlace at this time so software does the job. Half bob is the method that most if not all androids are capable of running without stressing the cpu's. If lancosz or others were added, they would only work WELL with high end androids.... ie: shieldtv
amazon firetv isnt great for livetv in all honesty. you may be better off getting the pi3 with the mpeg2 license key http://www.raspberrypi.com/mpeg-2-license-key/
I fixed it, turned Deinterlace Video to on and Deinterlace method to Bob something. Works great now.

I also have a Pi and can't till much of a difference between the two