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Full Version: Picture Slideshow crashes.
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When I click Pictures>Recursive Slideshow in Kodi v16 Jarvis the whole Kodi app crashes. This happens on both Amazon Fire TV and a Shield TV. On Windows 10 I get "Error: Exception caught on main loop". I updated my Nvidia driver, and that didn't help. The option for 'recursive slideshow' on a folder works just not on the root of the folders.
Anyone know what I can do?

Let me know how and I can post logs.
Known issue, patience at this point. I've found if the folder is too large it's fatal 100% but sub folders are not a problem.
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Hi team,

Hey guys, I am a newbie here. I want to say that I really like KODI (a lot) and am aiming to be helpful to assist with fixing the few issues that come up from time to time.

I too am having the issue "Exception caught in main loop" when existing a slideshow. I understand that it is being looked at and I thank you for that!

In case additional information helps, I can confirm that reducing the number of files in the folder can workaround the problem. I did turn on debug logging, but don't see anyway of attaching the log to this post. I have embedded the salient log lines. Note that both the crashlog and stacktrace files were empty, so only the kodi.log file contains relevent information.

Startup stuff
@karellen- Logs removed

I am running Windows 7 with latest updates. Most of my media folders (including the pictures folder) are symlinks (actually Windows 'Junction's) that point to the actual folder. All folders are on local disks. I originally had around 2000 photos in the folder. If I took approx 2/3rds of the photos out then the problem would not occur.

I hope that this helps.

I am happy to assist in testing this.

thanks guys,
rrroonn you might want to take a look at http://kodi.wiki/view/Official:Forum_rul...ed_add-ons. Your running a few banned repos and add-ons.
(2016-04-22, 01:56)Draega Wrote: [ -> ]rrroonn you might want to take a look at http://kodi.wiki/view/Official:Forum_rul...ed_add-ons. Your running a few banned repos and add-ons.

Ok thanks, happy to get the a stable supported basis, will check that out.
A 'me too', running Kodi Jarvis on Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10" tablet & Samsung Galaxy Note 4 over smb shares to my Windows 10 Pro server. Works just fine on a single years worth of monthly folders that hold my jpg and movie files. But try and run a recursive slideshow from the route of my gallery and Kodi crashes.

I'd love this to be fixed as the Yoga Tab makes a great wifi picture frame with benefits Smile
Reproduce with v17. v16 is not developed anymore and all the Picture stuff was rewritten.
Google Play Store only has version 16.1

How do i get version 17 on Android please?
Okay, found out how to download and install version 17 from the nightlies. It's running on my Note 4 but for the life of me I can't find the option to run a sideshow?

It just lists the folders in horizontal format, with no amount of swiping anywhere bringing up a menu of some kind. What am I doing wrong please?

[edit] ah, a looong press on the top level folder ;-)
Now waiting for it to do somethingHuh

[edit2] kicking this off from the root of my gallery doesn't do anything, but doing this on a single years worth of sub folders does display the contra rotating cogs. This runs for quite a while and then the screen goes black and nothing further happens. Is there anything else I should try?
Slide show crashes on both W10 PC and Amazon FireTV V1 with photos on WDCLoud as described in previous post KODI V16.1.
I think this is the same crash as: 
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