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Full Version: Predictive Text/ Attempts at what you are typing
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Which addon auto populates/guesses what you are searching? I'm talking about if I type, "The walk", along the bottom 6 best guesses show up including "The walking dead". This was a addon I used on 15.2, but after upgrading, it seems to have lost it.

Also, what is this about Jarvis supporting predictive text - well it doesn't work for me. Is this something I have to turn on?
I know a skin did predictive text, but I can't remember which.
By anychance, any1 know?

I installed extendedscriptinfo which seemed like that was it, but no luck.
You need plugin.program.autocompletion, not only script.module.autocompletion (this one is installed on extendedinfo).


The skin I use supporting this feature is XConfluence.