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Full Version: X-cite Skin
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Heres my skin "X-cite" - version 0.2
I usually post on xbox-scene but why not share it all round...
I hope you enjoy...

Most of these screenshots are from the Vista theme..

There are 2 themes default & vista!

I have included a background colours folder inside the media folder - So you can manually select a white or black background if you want.

Use the white-mode button in skin options to change the font white or black!

I have also included my rssfeeds.xml if you want to use it - Its set up for dual rss feeds - just copy it into xbmc/userdata folder

Music info, ratings, favourites, busy, etc etc... I have brought all the xml's up to date
Like to thanks Jezz_x & anyone else who was involved with the latest xml's - there pretty cool


X-cite from Rapidshare ***

X-cite from Megaupload ***
Looks promising.
Just afraid that it will end up like most other skins, gets praised and worked on for a couple of weeks or even some months, and then die when the creator gets tired of it and some people gets their eyes on a new promising skin.
Anyone have any idea's for improving this skin
Looks nice, I'll check it out and give you feedback...
I looked over the skin...

I like the animations and layout of the screens like Videos, Favorites, Music, etc... I'm not a fan of the home screen. I do not care for the "desktop" style. If I wanted that look I'd have a HTPC instead of XBMC. I'd prefer a more seamless look, not gadgets on the desktop look. I don't want my Home Theatre to look like my PC.

But, on the home screen I do like the menu bar at the bottom, just wish the icons were easier to know what they represent... do you really need folder icons for everything?

Also, I prefer less distracting backgrounds... too many/bright colors or too much "activity" makes the icons difficult to see.

I like the multitude of gadget options (on/off)... that is nice.

I would reccomend making the text for currently selected option (e.g. it says "Weather") more visible and not tuck it in the upper right corner... maybe above the menubar, bottom center, right below the enlarged icon?

Anyway, it is a great start and has a ton of potential. If you want adoption, I suggest making script skins so people can have a uniform look.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and your skin... Wink
Affini thanks for the feedback... Yea the desktop style is not to everyones taste ... I Have an idea to make this skin have a button switch to change the home layout to a more media friendly one, while still have the desktop style an Option... Cuz I love to give as much options as possible... It will involve a good bit of code, but it would be one of the first skins to have a user selectable homepage layout design... mmh...

wreezig I plan on taking the skin as far as I can, just 2 let u know

Not to be the rain on the parade here... but amongst all of it I'd be more concerned with the use of MS trademark logos.. when the 360 skin was in initial production MS ripped about it.
Heres a picture of the Media homepage view..

You will be able to either select the desktop look(old) or this media version(new) in skin options
nice screen!
X-cite_V0.3 Is now online! Wink

Download X-cite_V0.3 - 13th June 2007
Download from Rapidshare
Download from Megaupload

Any feedback from ppl wud be great, regarding labels positions or design layout, whatever.

The skin will load as the old desktop Home-View as default So just change it to the Media-View in Skin options If you what....

Note# When using either Desktop or Media View some gadgets will not work in certain views - cuz I have configured it to be different.