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Full Version: Transcode Playback HDHOMERUN tuner? Bug?
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Hi, Here is my setup. I have a OPENELEC server with TVHEADEND. I have HDHOMERUN tuners attached to the same. All are on CAT6 network (no wifi). My front end is KODI.

I had discovered that ABC HD OTA channel from one of the tuners (I have multiple tuners) was not playing in KODI frontend.

However the same channed had 100% reception as per SILICONDUST HDHOMERUN Configuration panel and when played thru VLC the stream played flawlessly.

Hence my conclusion was clearly some trans-coding problem from KODI.

I then went to the URL of the HDHOMERUN tuner. In there the DEFAULT TRANSCODE PROFILE chosen was "internet540". I changed the default from drop down to "none". Now KODI played flawlessly. I have no idea what is "internet540" (maybe 540 pixels). Why is KODI not able to play this transcode profile? Is this is bug (not sure hence the question mark!)? I am reporting this here because I want somebody to comment on it.
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