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Full Version: Remove submenu + Default action
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Kodi 16 on RPi2
Amber 2.2.4

I have seen multiple threads about adding or configuring sub-menus but nothing about removing.

I want to have simple menu items on my home screen: Movies and TV Shows. I don't want to see any sub-menu under these items.

When I click on one of these items, I want to see the entire list of Movies or TV Shows (this is the current behavior). If I click a specific TV show I want to see the list of episodes. If I do right click (or previous), I want then to be back to the list of TV Shows, currently I am back to the home screen instead. If for any reason I return to the home screen, then when I click again on the Movies or TV Shows button, I want to be back to the default screen (list of all movies or all tv shows). Currently if I am under a specific TV show, return to the home screen and click on "TV Shows", then I am back to the specific TV show I opened previously. My goal is to remove this ugly "previous folder" link.

So my questions are:
- How to remove sub-menu?
- How to be sure the default action on Movies and TV Shows remains the same?
- How to return to the previous folder when I do right click on a specific TV Show folder?

Thanks for your support
An old thread but is there anyway to remove submenu?

I am actually looking to remove the sub menu on the "TV" section.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Its a nightmarish skin to operate. forget about it. There are better ones out there.