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Full Version: How to configure play for a plugin/addon only for Kore?
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I maintain the plugins/addons http://addons.kodi.tv/show/plugin.audio....alacticfm/ and http://addons.kodi.tv/show/plugin.video....alacticfm/

The video plugin starts automatically from Kore and Yatse and KODI's GUI, which is good.

The audio plugin has multiple channels and the user has to choose which to play.
With Yatse or KODI GUI, I can choose to play each audio stream that is offered, but in Kore not. I do not want to automatically play a channel.

Huh Will Kore support choosing channels from plugins/addons?

Huh Is it possible, until that is supported, that I can configure xbmc.Player().play() only for Kore?