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Full Version: TMDB scraper adds Videodrome instead of Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVD
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I have the following problem. I ripped my DVD to disk (not as ISO but as VIDEO_TS folder). When I use the TMDB scraper my DVDs are properly recognized and displayed in the library including fan-art etc...

Only my Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit DVDs are not recognized. I posses the Extended Editions which means two DVDs per movie. I named the folders according to the Kodi Wiki:

Lord of the Rings - The two Towers DVD1/VIDEO_TS/...
Lord of the Rings - The two Towers DVD2/VIDEO_TS/...

Now, when I perform a library update, all my Lord of the Rings DVDs show up as


I checked the spelling of the folder name with The Movie DB, I even cut&paste the movie title to the folder name, so there can't be a type in the folder name, but still is the movie not recognized properly.

Any idea? any help welcome!

Try "The Lord of ...."

Actually, I am using the german title

Der Herr der Ringe...

and I copy&pasted the title from the TMDB website, so that should not be the issue...