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Full Version: Contolling Kodi/OpenElec from PC
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Hi Guys....

My apolgoies if this has been covered....I searched the forum and the internet and could find nothing that I could understand.

I am confused... I have downloaded OpenELEC/Kodi on my new Pi3 (ahhhh I am beginning to hate it)....so do I ask thsi question here or OpenElec. Being new I have no idea...

I would like to control my Pi/Kodi/OpenELEC (whatever I have) from my PC.... I have after mcuh personal struggle found TightVNC for the Pi...but so far no mention of how/what to/touse to contol this programme from a PC. I plan to have a media player in the office and use my Windows box. I cannot afford another keyboard/mouse/monitor jsut for the media player....

Can anyone make some suggestions with instructions... I am complete novice.

Thank you
Kodi runs a webserver you can access from your pc. Turn it on in settings|network|web server

You can set a number of different interfaces, I like chorus.

Great... I ahve been struggling with HOW...since I read you post...

So how is it done

Thank you
Visit the IP/name of your Pi in a web browser on your computer.

Perhaps I was no clear.....

I have not finished setting up Kodi..So I want to use my PC to see the FULL screen and options.

I used Chord and I did not see the Kodi Screen as it appears. The whole process is so foreign so I do not want to add anymore complexity....

I tried TightVNC - could not get it working. I tried Windows Remote Desktop and it again refused acceptance.

Is this not a standard requestHuh

All I want to see on my PC (Win 10) is the Kodi screen as it appears as the Kodi screen. Not on a Smart Phone not on a tablet ...just on the PC...so I do not have to dragg my daughters screen/keybord/mouse from the other roon to my office....

Sorry Guys.... I am not really coping well with this whole Kodi/OpenELEC/Pi3 things....doing my head in... 7 full days and I am an emotional wreck...SadSadSadSadSadSad
No this is not a standard request. It is usually not needed because kodi is designed to work with a remote.

So looks like I have the wrong programme.

I want to contol the media from my PC. I do not want a remote, or a smart phone.

So should I go for Rune Audio??

Or is there some way to use my PC to operate Kodi??
The OE unofficial addons repository has a VNC addon. You can access the Pi's screen using it. I have never used it, but have heard it can be *very* slow. You can see the GUI (it may be slow)...You could not watch what movie/video is playing.
Thank you

I will try, and find some instructions.

But the more I get feedback....the more I am thinking I have not chosen the right package.... the latest suggesion is Volumino 2.ahhhh I am beginning to hate my Pi3
You could install bluestacks and use and of the android remotes
Thank you ...

I have no idea was "bluestacks" are and I ahve no android remotes.

All I want to do is see the Kodi screen on my windows box...not sure why this is a hard thing??
(2016-03-29, 07:44)foxint Wrote: [ -> ]All I want to do is see the Kodi screen on my windows box...not sure why this is a hard thing??

It's not hard. It just doesn't perform well given hardware and software restrictions.

You're alternative is to use more powerful hardware.
(2016-03-29, 07:44)foxint Wrote: [ -> ]All I want to do is see the Kodi screen on my windows box...not sure why this is a hard thing??

Run Kodi on your windows box then ??

Or, as suggested earlier, use something like Chorus to control it. You don't need to see Kodi's menu screen to play music via Kodi, which is what I presume you want to do with your Pi, as you don't want a screen connected to it.
(2016-03-29, 07:44)foxint Wrote: [ -> ]All I want to do is see the Kodi screen on my windows box...not sure why this is a hard thing??

The GUI for kodi is probably [email protected], with 32bpp. That is a data rate of ~4Gbit/s.
That is just way too much to send over any network.

The options are to use something like VNC which will send the data as fast as it can (but will result in slow laggy updates),
or a complicated scheme where the screen contents are encoded as H.264 sent over network and decoded. But Kodi doesn't support that.

Really you should forget about seeing the Kodi screen of the Pi, unless you are watching though the HDMI display.
You should be able to solve the probem in other ways. The Chorus web interface is a plausible option.
You could also run kodi on the PC, enable uPnP on both kodi devices. Then you can use context menu to play a file on the other system:
Why not just install Kodi on the PC and use that?
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