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Full Version: Kodi ignores HTTP(s) files and directories with plus in file name
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I have Kodi on an Android box (15.3) and on an Ubuntu desktop (16.0). Both of them have the problem of ignoring some remote files and directories accessed by HTTP(s). After some research I found that the problem is caused by the '+' (plus) character in the file name - such files/directories are simply ignored.

I have prepared the following test setup - on the Ubuntu machine I made a directory named /var/www/test/ with two subdirectories "a+b" and "a,b". In each directory I have copied a small MP4 file named "a+b.mp4" and "a,b.mp4". The listing of this directory structure as output from 'find . -ls' is available at http://goo.gl/NZZdg3.
The I added the Ubuntu host via HTTP access as a Video source ( When I browse the files in the source, Kodi completely ignores the files and directories with the '+' sign, i.e. I see only "a,b" with "a,b.mp4" in it, nothing else. The Kodi debug log is available at http://goo.gl/V1xr6D and the appropriate Apache access.log is at http://goo.gl/kUJVTn. If I look at the test directory in Firefox at then both directories, each with both MP4 files, are displayed.
That's absolutely true. I've noticed same behaviour in my LE 7.0.3 (pi2) and mi Kodi 16.1 under Ubuntu 16.04.