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Full Version: Disable Rating for Unwatched TV-Shows
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First of all I want to thank for that incredible skin all of you have created, it helped to make an awesome application even more awesome.
However, there's one thing that's bothering me. Everytime I choose an episode to play, I see how good it's rated on IMDb, no matter how hard I try to avoid looking at the score. In the Kodi-Settings I found an option to disable Plot on unwatched Items, but even if I enable it ratings are still visible. Is there a way to hide this ratings for unwatched episodes? That'll be awesome. (Probably thats not a Skin-specific issue, but I didnt find a better fitting category)

In case you wonder, why I want these Scores to be disabled: For Movies, IMDb/TVDb Score is great to consider the quality of the item, but on ongoing TV series, the score already spoilers whether there's happening something big in the episode. So whenever I see a 9.x rating before watching an episode, I catch myself waiting for the "big play" and I'm not surprised/shocked/thrilled by whats going on, as I already expected sth to happen.