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Full Version: How to hide Codec and Visualization information
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Hello there,
I tried all the keys and I can not hide the codec and visualization info that is placed on the top of visualization when music is played. Please see a pic.


Key "I" hides information at the bottom (song info)
Key "O" does not do anything

What to do?

thank you.
Is that debug info? I don't get that on mine, just annoying "fanart" images of the artists get overlaid blocking the visualisation for me Sad

Looking at the bottom of this wiki page: http://kodi.wiki/view/Video_playback

I see that it is codec info that should go away with the O key.

When I play tunes on KODI 16.1 RC2 the O key toggle clearly works.

Does the M toggle work for you? It should toggle player controls on and off the screen.
"M" key works OK, "I" key works OK, "O" key does not have any effect. I will try to reload Kodi 16.1 RC from scratch and kill current user profile. Will come back.

best, d.
No point loading from scratch... this should be fixable. Let me go hack my settings file.... see if I can find something.

Do you have anything else that may have remapped the keyboard?
Yes that's it. There seems to be some setting in my user profile which was not compatible with Kodi 16.1 RC so it did not work. I deleted a profile and created a new one and now I can close down Codec Info with "O" key.

Best, d.
My best guess is still the debug info left partially on. Glad it was fixed without too much of a full reset Smile
on personal PC I have Kodi more for experimental purposes and here it was not working. I would be more worried about my reset of user setting for HTPC where I have a lot of things configured and I would use there definetely a different approach to fix that problem. At HTPC I still use Kodi 14.2 as I don't like some bugs that 15 and 16 has.
best, d.