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Full Version: Suggestions for additions?
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I was just thinking either of the following could be implemented to any future Argus plugins:

1. As per the Scheduler in Argus, the EPG in Kodi could give an indicator that a recording has already been recorded or is going to be recorded on another channel.

2. When choosing a live TV channel and there are not enough free tuners to allow it, it should have an indicator on the channel list to prevent you from choosing unavailable channels.
By far the most worthwhile add-on / plugin I can imagine would be anything that avoids having to use the unspeakably horrible tvheadend. As far as I can see, this abortion was deliberately designed to be as user hostile as human imagination could conceive. There have apparently been a few previous add-ons which supposedly provided live tv functionality without a backend but my research to date has shown they leave a lot to be desired. Nobody has yet been able to explain why Kodi must work with a backend but even Microsoft could invent an application like MCE that doesn't need a backend. TiVo worked fine for over ten years and it didn't need a backend either.