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Full Version: External subtitles
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i have a lot of movies on cdr discs which i have found subtitles for afterwards.

the problem is that the subs need to have filenames equal with the videofiles on the cds and sometimes these filenames do not conform with the limitations of fatx.

that rules out the use of subtitle directory.

i'd have two possible suggestions to solve this problem:

1. have xbmc look for subs from for example a xns share
2. place subtitles directory inside a iso9660 imagefile which from it could maybe be read with the same code used to read the cds and dvds.

thanks for the excellent program.
i believe relax already supports this, give it a try
i have but for how i understood it it only seeks for subs from the relax subtitle directory when the movie itself too is streamed over relax.

at least i did try setting the subtitle directory in relax and even tried the standard relax share format in config.xml to try to point the subtitle dir to a relax share.

none of these worked.

edit: that was with xbmp ofcourse. not xbmc
i have that problem too
but i shared a cdplayer from my pc over xns and that works fine for me.