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Full Version: realmedia support
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realmedia support have been added to xbmp, and not to xbmc. i am going to try to add this. does anyone have any helpful advice?

all ("all", sounds simple but i don't think it is, hehe Image ) you need to to do is port over the full libdll source code from xbmp over to xbmc, if you need any help ask monkeyhappy who i believe was planning on doing this himself later after finishing a couple of other things on this todo list (ac3/dts pass-through and quicktime for xbmp? etc.)

edit: btw, you are a programmer/developer with c/c++ skill, aren't you?, because you cannot add this yourself as users

edit again: this is what monkeyhappy said
(monkeyhappy @ 31-10-2003, 20:14 Wrote:if you are not a programmer, you need to wait, until someone else port that function to xbmc.

if you are, i recommend you read wine, mplayer/loader, xine/dllwin32 section, as well as cvs tree in our xbmp,xbmc.