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Full Version: Shutdown Menu - Remove Items
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Is it possible to remove items from the shutdown menu?

I would like to hide or remove the following items...

* Power off system
* Custom Shutdown Timer
* Suspend
* Hibernate
* Reboot

...only leaving these...

* Exit
* Log Off User

Thank you.


Kodi 14.2
Ubuntu 12.04
Navigate to ~/.kodi/addons/*skin add-on*/1080i, and edit DialogButtonMenu.xml.

In that file you will see a list with sections in it for each button, for example, to remove the Power off button, delete the section that looks similar to this:

Quote:<control type="button" id="3">
<description>Shutdown button</description>
<texturefocus border="35,2,35,2">button_shutdown_focus.$
<texturenofocus border="35,2,35,2">button_shutdown_nofo$