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Full Version: New content type "roles" for music artists
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@ronie you might want to add this to your sticky

Krypton can process and store music file tag data about standard music artist roles: composer, conductor, orchestra, lyricist, remixer, arranger, engineer, producer, DJmixer and mixer, and any value pairs in the TMCL/performer tags e.g. drummer, piano, vocalist etc. giving the contribution an artist makes to a music recording.

Core processing has been added to support a Roles node, similar to genre, that shows all the music artist roles and navigates to the artists with that role. This allocates a new content type "roles" which skins may want to handle specifically.

See https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/9434
things will be added once they are merged ;-)
This sounds promising. Is there any more details? Will it be fast to query? Will there be a way for scrapers to refill the missing data?

I dream of the day I can track a musician across time, albums and bands! :-D
Yet to write a wiki Torben. At the moment it is all about Kodi exploiting more of the metadata that you could tag your music files with, scrapers providing this data too is probably work for someone else. But if you want to "track musicians", then use the appropriate tags in your music files, and Kodi 17 will include this in your library.

Standard tagging has metadata for Composer (TCOM), Lyricist (TEXT), Conductor (TPE3), Remixer (TPE4), Orchestra, Arranger, Engineer, Producer, DJMixer, and Mixer (under TIPL in ID3), and then Performer (TMCL) tags can store any name-role pair e.g. Billy Hayne (Drummer), Jeffrey Holden (Harpsicord) etc. Tagging with Picard will include these tags if the Musicbrainz database has them for as track (that varies depending if people have entered that level of detail when submitting data), but you could do it manually too although probably better to share your efforts with the likes of Musicbrainz so we all can benefit.

Once scanned into Kodi you will then be able to list all the composers, producers or drummers etc. (some will be artists with tiltle tracks to their credit too), and then say see not only those tracks credited to "Prince" but also those by other people that where written by him etc. or all the songs that a certain Mixer mixed. All down to what is of interest to you.

It is a powerful and flexible feature, hence not easy to describe. Initially I see it as a specialist feature, the majority of music users have little interest in lyricists or engineers etc., but for those that do have a specific interest e.g want to separate orchestras from conductors, or track certain instrumentalists, or DJ Mixer is important to them, then 17 will support that.
Thanks. This is great stuff!