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Full Version: No channel epg in 3.0.7
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This window has no epg item longer in 3.0.7

Looks like this
Same issue in Confluence 3.0.11. Hope you can fix this cause i dont like Estuary Big Grin
Look closer - items are there, there are several lines with a start time in front. What's actually missing is show titles.

Just checked with alpha3 and 3.0.11 - works just fine here.

Are you sure it does work with Estuary while it does not with Confluence on the same Kodi installation?

Is the guide window okay or are the show titles also missing there?
Yes works fine with Estuary .
Only channel epg missing , other epg windows is fine in Confluence. I have same issue with Xonfluence (mod) but if you say its fine for you ill make a clean install
Sorry for the noice working fine with fresh Confluence install