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Full Version: Intel Apollo Lake
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Is hdmi 2.0 confirmed ?
(2016-09-14, 01:23)Roby77 Wrote: [ -> ]Is hdmi 2.0 confirmed ?

They can implement that with a dp->hdmi chip any time they feel like it. But there will not be any native hdmi 2.x. That has been confirmed for kaby lake, so no reason apollo lake would have it.
Really bad... cause apollo lake chip is perfect for htpc (as braswell is for hevc 8 bit)
I was planing to upgrade my Raspberry PI 1.gen with something that have more horses, so i was planing to buy android box with s905x or 912 soc but then i realize that this boxes don't support drm content (netflix 1080+ and so on), so insted i then shift my focus on windows 60-70 usd boxes with (z8300 soc) since this run windows i can have this drm content with no problem but this soc dont support 10bit havc. So i looking forward to this new chip in order to have hardware support for 10bit video
This Asrock board says that this SOC supports HDMI 2.0 and HEVC 10-bit decoding:

@fritsch: Cool, can you guys get one for testing / devlopment purposes?
Yeah. HEVC-10 bit needs to be done. Let's see when it is available.
Does anyone knows if this SoC will offer HD Audio passthrough in Win10 ?

I have a Braswell mini-PC, and it lacks this feature (though it works in LibreElec).
Shame they haven't included a proper M.2 for a SSD, and get rid of the old legacy ports
(2016-10-15, 12:30)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/J4205-ITX/index.us.asp <- yeah :-)

I wait for this motherboard in Russia.
Hi !

It looks like ASRock J4205-ITX (and other Apollo Lake) mainboards are becoming available in Europe,
price about 120 euros....
Looks like broxton may be back, kinda.


A gen9 GPU on an atom with goldmont cores. Pretty much what we all wanted with broxton.
Will get my ASRock J3455-ITX at Friday Smile
Can't wait for testing Big Grin
For me, an ASRock J4205-ITX is on the way... should get it at Thursday Wink
But i'm shocked about one little information on the Intel Ark: It says, that the J4205 processor doesn't support Intel InTru3D.. does that mean, 3D Iso/MVC-MKV etc. will not work?
I remember, that the N3050 also didn't have InTru3D... but here at the Kodi forums some user mentioned, that 3D works...