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Full Version: Intel Apollo Lake
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(2017-02-26, 17:35)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]For those with the FW update installed - there is a 4.10 kernel available here: http://fritsch.fruehberger.net/openelec/....0-410.tar - this removes all DVB modules and nvidia binary drivers. If someone wants to check for HD-Audio who has the FW installed, please do so.

Did this work? I am considering a Intel nuc6cayh, but need HD sound.
Just for the record: Issues with bitstreaming of Atmos & Co tracks under windows are only partly fixed with the latest 1.61 FW update for the DP-HDMI converter: If using 1080p as resolution you only get bitstream audio if you set the refreshrate to 50 or 60Hz. With 23,978Hz you will get no sound at all when using passthrough. Only if you set the resoltion to 4k it's possibvle to use bitstream audio with 23,978Hz. So this FW update is pretty useless It's already being discussed on the Intel NUC forum and the info has been passed to an Intel guy. So let's see in which decade we may see a solution. And another note regarding the 1.61FW update: 3D-MVC issues has not been solved too.

Apollo/Kaby-Lake are in my eyes once again a total desaster for an up-to-date HTPC. I don't understand how intel could bring new CPU-Plattforms in 2017 on the market without native support für HDMI 2.0 and therefore was forced to deal with this crippled DP-HDMI converter chip.

yeh, crippled DP-HDMI converter chip with crippled HDMI-CEC support especially in the NUC6CAYH/S .

Hi all
Are we basically saying steer clear of the NUC6CAYH/S until these issues are resolved . My dn2820 is on its last legs so was looking to get something soon.
Do you guys in the know think the issues will be resolved or should I plump for the shield instead?
I only really use libreelec and have smart Tv for other apps Netflix etc
If you want to use the NUC with a HDMI2.0 receiver then i would definitively say: Stay away! Neither you can use it for 3D, nor to play 1080p/23,976Hz material with audio passthrough. And because the NUC only has this crippled HDMI2.0-Port and one VGA port (@Intel: WTF in 2017?) you even can not use the workaround with the DVI port as on the ASROCK boards.

Are the issues going to be resolved? Hopefully yes. Timeframe? Good question! If you remind the braswell issues we may have to wait for a long time. This time its even more complicated because the solution not only depends on Intel, but also on Megachips who is the manufacturer of the DP2HDMI converter chip.

If you would like to jump on the Apollo Lake wagon today, i would suggest to buy one of the ASROCK boards instead of the NUCs (because of the DVI workaround).
If you don't need HD audio pt, but come clear with Kodi losslessly decoding it, it's quite a nice and cheap solution that you can replace next year.
Sorry guys I might be getting myself mixed up .
Will the box output 5.1 dts and dd?
I was looking at upgrading my receiver so I can have 4K as current one doesn't have hdmi 2 and current kodi box intel dn2820 can't do 4K

Can the new NUC output via the optical dd and dts ?

I'd be happy to use that whilst waiting for receiver upgrade / NUC issues to be sorted .

I just want fast kodi /libreelec box really which I thought the dn2820 was but lacks 4K

Thanks all
I'm a bit confused now.
Is only pt for hd audio affected or all audio pt with 1080p/23,976Hz?
As far as I have tested only pt is affected.
Just quickly checked mvc video + dolby atmos playback on asrock j3455 board, hdmi output via dvi. This runs perfectly with one of latest afedchin build!!! (Good work afedchin!!!)

Mvc decode shows to use Hw. Audio pass-through also runs in fine (receiver shows atmos as input stream)

Only issue I had was that video freezes on seek.

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Ps: my latest test under win10, latest drivers from asrock site installed.

Earlier test by me showed that Libreelec also runs perfect on this board, connected via hdmi incl. Hd audio pass-through, but no mvc playback.

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If using the hdmi 1.4 port (via DVI adapter) or the hdmi 2.0 port connected to a HDMI 1.4 device then passthrough is working fine. But the main reason for buying these new boards/NUCs is to use it for 4k with refreshrates higher than 30Hz and therefore the HDMI 2.0 port has to be connected to a HDMI 2.0 device and then the Troubles begin. Without using the HDMI 2.0 port its better to buy one of the older generation based boards/NUCs which are cheaper and have been proofed to work nearly flawless in the past.
(2017-03-01, 01:22)9000h Wrote: [ -> ]yeh, crippled DP-HDMI converter chip with crippled HDMI-CEC support especially in the NUC6CAYH/S .
How is the HDMI-CED crippled? I installed the Pulse-Eight NUC HDMI-CEC adapter and it's as good as the RPi3. Don't all the NUC need the adapter?
The Apollo/Kaby-Lake NUCs have already built in CEC, but only with some basic functions like On/Off and if I remember correctly volume control. But this built in CEC can be expanded by an external CEC adapter like the mentioned Pulse-Eight.