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Full Version: Maintain Focusposition for Random Music Play
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Hello all, very new to skinning here and I have not been able to find an answer to this question here on the forums so I apologize if I'm bringing up something that you have already covered.

I have been updating the Confluence skin to work in my car as a music player since I don't have any way to add a usb. I have my list of songs, and if I go through say Genres and want to do a random playlist I cannot find a way to have the list jump to show the next song playing. I have set the focusposition for the list when scrolling through songs, however, once it goes to the next song it does not move the list accordingly. Is there a way to set it to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all you experienced veterans with taking time to help us newbies out!

I believe you need to dig into scripting for this. And a long way even.
Thanks Torben
If you are still interested in this, I would suggest looking at "party mode" for random playback. In party mode a list of 10 songs is created and first one plays, then pops off the list when complete and a new one added at the end. So focus can be left on the first entry in the list, or you can use infolabels from the first item to display data for the now-playing song, or second item for the "next up" song.

scott s.
Thanks Scott. Haven't had a chance to look at this any further. Perhaps one day. Things are functioning well enough so not a huge priority for me currently.