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Full Version: Kodi Live TVH stutters after stream (audio?) change
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Hi folks,

posted this before in the LibraELEC Milhouse thread, but Fritsch asked be to switch over here.

Using LibreELEC Milhoiuse Build #0418, This includes a reent pvr.hts.

Backend is TVH 4.1-1899~g969be33

The following happened, see also Kodi debug log here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15946112/

switched to live TV channel "Das Erste", watched football. Not a single issue until:

end of the show, stream seems to be changing (guess the audi channels). Playback suddenly freezes, stutters, Audio dead, silience. Some seconds later Audio resumes, however the stream gets unwatchable from now on. Lots of block artifacts, stuttering. Does not recover from this...

I tried to skip forward (which helped sometimes). Stuttering remained. Same issue.

I stopped the stream. Afterwards I played again "Das Erste"... and all is fine again. Problem disappeared.

Any idea what happened here at 22:46:25? Seeing such symptoms quite frequently.