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Full Version: [REQUEST] BBC iPlayer (Video) Plugin or Script?
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Gamester17 Wrote:No, no updated to RTMP have been done to XBMC for Xbox, (and no one on Team-XBMC is currently working on it).

Can we get clarification on that statement gamester, noone on Team-XBMC is currently working on RTMP for xbox or the more global xbmc for xbox?

I must admit, it shouldn't be too hard an effort to backport from the win32 codebase for someone who knows a bit about the underlying code - if I had more time and familiarisation I'd see about making a patch myself, and then at least t3ch could include it (by applying the patch). Anyone like to have a go at that? Sad thought not.
My two pennies worth...

You only need to look at the size of this thread to see the weight of popularity this particular feature has. Many people enjoy BBC programming and would love to see the Iplayer content on their XBOX. Take into account also that the BBC radio player was popular (and that since Iplayer 2.0 it has died a death) and you begin to see that not only is Iplayer for XBOX popular... it's a glaring omission given that it's already on the other XBMC platforms.

RTMP isn't going to go away, any new protocol that springs up is going to enjoy a certain amount of take-up and as soon as some of the other video sites get a hold on the fact that the famous XBMC for XBOX cannot stream it I am sure we will see other sites begin to switch to streaming using this protocol.

I add my name to the list of those who wish to be able to further the implementation of RTMP streaming but lack the understanding of the underlying code... how many of us need to say this of the XBOX version of XBMC before someone finally accepts the challenge and says that we don't do things because they are easy but because they are difficult?

Come on Tech team.... if you can do it for the other formats, surely it must be possible for the XBOX... it's not called Apple Macintosh Media Centre or Microsoft Windows Media Centre is it?? XBOX was the first.... don't give up on us now.
"don't give up on us now." Sad

2nd that!

Thats why I started a thread in the general section as I recon the biggest percentage of users are still running XBMC on Xbox! The DADDY!

Its just to good to write it out..... yet!

People love it! one fella in the hardware section even has been looking into 256/512Mb upgrades for it to prolong the life of it! but as Gamester pointed out memory is not the problem.... but it just goes to show you... Nod
link to the thread please.

The fact is XBMC for linux/mac/windows is not needed because you have all the other options such as VLC and firefox. But us poor xbox owners who rely on XBMC for streaming/playing media content don't want to be abandoned.

Like I said previously the xbox may be dead as a modern gaming platform (in the eyes of some) but the xbox is now the perfect (and cheap) media setup that doesn't rely on owning a PC.

XBMC is also THE best independant/functional media center. I own a PS3, a 360 and a Wii. the PS3 doesn't play half of my divx/xvid videos, the 360 is louder than concorde and the Wii requires some dodgy web based streaming (orb).

There is no way in hell I would spend £100 on a dedicated streamer when for £10 I get an xbox.
I can only agree, xbmc on a cheap or dusty box from the attic is for me the ultimate credit crunch antidote!

Much, much praise to all the devs, when I think about the constraints they worked under now and then; I think they have done something amazing that large and small software houses struggle to do with heavy investment.

But let's not forget that 24 million xbox 1's were sold!! That's a lot of potential xbmc users even when taking into account all of the xbox's that have gone through the pearly Gates ;-)

I can't work out if any dev' is actively working on RTMP for the xbox, but i hope they still see the potential. I for one think xbmc on a xbox 1 is the db's.

We are not paying customers so we can't tell the devs what to do but please, please listen to our praise and wishes.

Link to the thread I started about whos using what hardware.... looking pretty Xboxy at the mo with the people that have posted....

if we wish to request that someone from T3ch does it we should really create a dedicated post somewhere they're more likely to see it just to show our support for the project....
Sorta why I started the What Hardware thread to show that the Xbox is still favored by many...
JMarshall has just backported Linuxport changes from rev 14280 -> 14730 to the main trunk. Can anyone confirm if these include the RTMP changes we're all desperate for?!
no I believe that the RTMP changes were mereged a wile ago but just didn't work for the xbox so that needs fixing. Maybe if one of the development team could point people in the right direction as to what might be the problem a patch could be developed.
@marlboroman1: It has always been my experience that if you ask specific questions the dev team will answer them. There is already a thread in one of the Dev-only sections regarding RTMP that would be appropriate to start asking for help.
I was not offering fix this myself as I don't possess the necessary skills. Although I am interested in helping out with testing that may need doing to attempt to track down the problem. As far as coding goes I don't think any one wants spend their valuable time teaching me the difference between apples and oranges

I think if someone with the necessary c++ skills was at a point were they could ask a prudent question than A fix would probably not be far behind. for programmer with no experience of XBMC or xbox programming to just jump in the learning curve is pretty steep, so the deves would probably end up doing most of the work. A brief out line of the problem may give someone a frame of reference they need to begin working on the problem.

With the core developers all working cross platform coordinating the porting effort the xbox badly needs attracted code maintainers. I suppose every one will have more time when xbmc goes into feature freeze and then it wont be such an issue.
Just tested and it's still not working Sad
Yes the changes were backported from the linux branch some time ago. The code has just never worked for the xbox version. The devs are to busy to look into this I imagine, so it's down to someone else with coding skills to have a look. Who know's, it might be a really simple fix but until someone with the appropriate expertise has a look we wont know.

Note: This is not a request or even suggestion that a Dev should look into this. So no need to go ape Spiff Wink