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Full Version: [REQUEST] BBC iPlayer (Video) Plugin or Script?
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dink Wrote:Just default. I installed a r20361 build and it all started to work smoothly. My media PC has an AMD Sempron 1.8GHZ, a Nvidia 9500gt, 1.5G of ram and a wired connection to my broadband router (which connects at around 4500Kb)

is that a windoes build or linux?
sunnytofino Wrote:is that a windoes build or linux?

Windows XP
Hi Folks

As this thread is getting out of hand with much of the content no longer relevant I have started a new thread at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=3...post338533 . Starting a new thread allows me to setup a proper intro to the plugin in the first posting which should hopefully help folk searching for info on this plugin.

Please only post into this new thread.