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Full Version: Movie Set Folder - Renamer doesn't create
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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for such a great program: THANKS!!!

I understand that the TMM creates a folder for movie sets and moves movies belonging to it inside that "folder movie set" when using the renamer.

I'm trying but the renamer works but it doesn't create the movie set folder. It keeps my movies collection in separated folders and not inside a movie set folder although the collections are recognized by TMM. Any help please?
what does your renamer fiel/folder pattern look like?
Can you send us the logs?
Folder Name: $T ($Y)
File Name: $T ($Y) $V $A

None of the other box checked. I'm using TMM in a Mac and in Spanish.

I am new... how can I send you the logs? Sorry for not knowing... Sad
This are the images of my TMM... of my renaming settings... and two movies that are situated in separated folders... and not inside a movie set folder... Is someone could help... Thanks in advanced!!!



well, TMM *can* create a movieset folder - but we're not doing this by default.
You might need to add $N ($M) with a path separator to your folder rename pattern, to add another layer in your renamed data structure.
Like: {$N\}$T ($Y)
(Brackets are for that case, when a movie doesnt have a movieset)
THANK YOU VERY MUCH myron!!! Now it works perfectly!! I'm very happy; it does exactly what I wanted to do!! Smile
Instead of "\" I used "/", like this "{$M/}$T ($Y)
Thanks againg for solving my problem Smile Smile