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Full Version: Extra Music information with album playing
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As a music lover/nut I find the info really scant for albums in my collection .

What I would like would be an info bit on the screen when the album art is showing that you could turn on and off with a remote press ,It would include

1: Band Members
2: Recording studio
3: Instruments used including any session musicians
Extra info say tales/stories about what happened during recording etc .
There is a great audiophiles site called Discogs where this info could be scraped from but that's not what I am asking for as that would be a huge ask , I could copy and paste what I need in to a file inside the album folder :-)

What do you think ?
Would this be possible without a mountain of work .

Or is it already available and I'm not aware .
Here's a cople of photographs of the type of thing I mean


Thanks in advance .
Please shout up if you think this is already possible or if I should be posting in another thread.

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