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Full Version: [RELEASE] XSportScores (Script)
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I have just released an updated version of XSportScores to XBMCScripts. This script displays current games and scores and other information for certain "US" sports. It does this by "page scraping" Yahoo Sports for data every 15 seconds then updating the GUI's Game List and Score Board appropriately.

The script currently works for the following sports:

* NCAA Football
* Men's NCAA Basketball
* Women's NCAA Basketball

Quick Tutorial:
Once the GUI loads, you can select a sport from the buttons on the left. Once selected, the script downloads and "page scrapes" the current list of games and associated scores for the requested sport. After that, a Game List is produced showing each game, current scores, and some form of game status for all games found. As you scroll through the Game List, detailed information, e.g., scores by period, etc., for the current game is displayed above the Game List in a Score Board fashion. Lastly, the Game List and the Score Board periodically refreshes themselves automatically as long as the focus remain on the Game List. To exit the script, just click the Back button.

If you find any bugs, just let me know.

Oqqalz Cool