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Full Version: Vertical Slider Control
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So basically a slider is horizontal only. Would be perfect if we could have the option to have it horizontal or vertical.

I tried to rotate the control and changed the onup and ondown to the control id but it does nothing.

Perfect for audio stuff like volume and other asdp.

Hope this could happen.
Screenshot of what I am working on.
Such a layout is basically impossible to navigate by remote. How is the user supposed to get to the left slider when focus is on one of the horizontal sliders?
It is not finished. Just a work in progress. They all will be up and down. Just done the first one to show what I was working on and why I want it vertical.
You'd probably have to use buttons that send left/right to the sliders when you press up/down on them.
Never mind, wasn't thinking when I posted.
i guess for this to work properly, someone has to add orientation support to slider controls, like we have for scrollbars.
I see this as very important. Not everyone around the world reads left to right top to bottom either. Strange in the skinning manual it say's you can choose up down left right for focusable controls just not all controls I guess.

Edit. Whould be great for volume control too. Volume up and down not volume right and left.
(2016-04-25, 16:20)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]You'd probably have to use buttons that send left/right to the sliders when you press up/down on them.

Any ideas of how you would do it? I can't think how it would work.
EDIT: Removed my rant about navigation not being logical. I'll wait commenting on navigation until the ADSP dialog is finished. Smile

A big +1 to vertical sliders in general.
+1 for the freedom from here. Who knows? Maybe vertical sliders is the new angry birds? I mean, it isnt, but Aussie seems exited and I for one encourage that :-) as long as it doesnt force or break stuff..
Thank you ronie Smile

I have been hacking together code today to see if I could work it out. At lest I was sort of on the right track. But I bet it would not of worked. Thank you again.

Edit: and on that note, I will finish the dialog for when this gets pushed.