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Full Version: instant recording failing randomly
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As the title suggests i'm having issues with Instant recording failing randomly, but rather frequently.

My set up:
OTA using HDHomerun - Rpi2 dedicated backend
Tvheadend 4.2
mixture of Rpi and PC frontends
All running Libreelec

watching a channel, hit record, message pops up saying ''recording started'' hitting record again completes the recording. Seems to work as it should...
However, watch the channel for a while or maybe switch to a different channel, try the same thing i get "error check log for details''
Switch to another channel, recording works fine.
Switch back to channel that's failing, try record and get the error.

The logs don't seem to show too much however.

I enable debug logging and the only errors that show are as follows:
22:07:16 246.681641 T:1577235360 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - Command addDvrEntry failed: Channel does not exist
22:07:16 246.681793 T:1577235360 ERROR: PVR - AddTimer - addon 'Tvheadend: [connected]' returned an error: server error
22:07:16 246.681854 T:1577235360 ERROR: PVR - AddTimer - cannot add timer to client '3890': server error

it's saying "channel does not exist" but... I'm watching it, so i know that's not true.

To fix this, i have to clear my epg data before i can record that channel again. After that, instant recording will work for these channels for a while, then it'll start returning the same error message.

My thoughts;
It seems to be an issue with guide based recording and the way the addon is handling EPG. This did not happen when i was using NPVR, ever.
The reason i believe this... When i get the error and instant recording stops working for a particular channel that im watching, if i switch to the TV Guide and select "add timer", type "One time" the recording starts straight away. If i select type "One Time (guide-based)" the error message pops up telling me to check log for details. Clear the EPG, try again, starts working as it should for a short period then will start to failing on random channels again.

It's hard to pinpoint the problem as it seems to happen to any channel randomly, clearing the epg fixes the issue but only shortly... in a matter of minutes the issue returns.

I'm hoping someone else is experiencing the same issues. This is really driving me nuts.

As i said this happens to all channels, randomly. It does not seem to be specific to any one channel.

Possible problem:
I think kodi instant record is sending the wrong message to the backend. It's sending a timer for a "one time (guide-based)" recording and I would have thought it should be sending a simple "one time" request because it shouldn't matter about the guide when instant recording, it should simply start recording the current channel until you stop it.