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Full Version: the PVR backend does not support timers
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i always recorded successfully, but for a few days , when i am adding a timer in der guide, the comes a message like:

the PVR backend does not support timers

I have a ubuntu with a haupauge DVB-S card and TV Headend.
I tried to uninstall, and install the new Version (16,1 Jarvis), but then even the TV would not come up with the message, that the pvr ist not support and everything was blinking like christmas.
So with Version 15.1 Isengard, the TV is working, but no recording.

Can someone help?


Can you please post a Kodi Debug Log to a pastebin site?


Make sure you a trying to connect to the TVHeadend backend when the log is recording.

Here are some things to check in the meantime...

In the Kodi TVHeadend Frontend addon:
  • Have you entered the correct backend username in the settings?
  • Have you entered the correct backend password in the settings?
  • Have you entered the correct backend IP address in the settings?
    (if the TVHeadend Backend is running on the same computer as your Kodi frontend, the IP Address should be set to
From the log it looks like your Kodi addon is communicating with your TVHeadend backend okay.

Can you try to erase your TV and EPG databases in Kodi and add a timer again?

Note: These instructions are for the Confluence skin.

Go to System --> TV --> General --> Clear Data and select OK

This will clean out your databases and reimport the EPG and Channels from the backend.

After the clean-up has finished, try to add a Timer again and see if it works.

I have also noticed that your TVHeadend Backend version is the legacy 3.x version. Have you considered upgrading
it to a newer version?