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Full Version: Shuffle playlist
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i'm not a big poster, cause my english is a bit crappy and i rather read and figure it out. But on this one i'm pulling my hairs out.

I'm trying to achief to automaticly start a playlist in shuffle mode (thru the json api) when i'm comming home. I'm almost done (quick and dirty way) but the playlist always starts at the beginning... and that wil annoy me ;-)

below the correct url that should do it, but it don't seems to work.


i also tried to the setshuffle method and partymode (both no luck)

So if anyone knows how i can play it in shuffle mode.. please help.

i'm using: a
Hardware PI 2
openelec 5.0.8
Kodi 14.2

Cause i did a lot of research on this i would like to share how i complished my home comming so far below my setup.

I got a iphone, a domoticz system, a Marantz reciver and a kodi media player.

In my Domoticz (on a PI linux):
- Made a Switch for my iphone
- Made a switch to call the play list url (can't seem to call this url thru script...still working on it)
- Made a scene "Coming Home" wich calls a shell script and this scene has the playlist switch as connected device.

To control my reciver i use the shell script. I use shell script cause i need a pause between the commands and i can't find a way to do it whit domoticz tools/scripts
credits to: http://www.openremote.org/display/docs/O...TP+Control
its for a denon reciver but denon and marantz are from the same factory...

curl --request GET ''
sleep 5
curl --request GET ''
sleep 5
curl --request GET ''

To tell domoticz i'm home
i'm using the (free) App "Locative" to send a a signal to my Domoticz system when i'm home using the json url

And further i made a blocky script which starts my "comming home" scene on certain times when my iPhone siwtch is set to on.

So again... please help me not going crazy,hearing every day the same song when i come home....

many thanks :-)
I use startup.xml in my skin with this line:
startup_playlist_path is a skin variable in Transparency!, but you can always hard code a playlist.
I also set it to random slideshow on start so shuffle, shuffle.
Best of luck.

it wil be a weird workaround but hey.... if it works you don't hear me complain :-)

i'll let you know how it worked out.
too bad shuffled=True is not working.... would be nice to get a fix for this :-)
Using the same in my home automation :-]