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Full Version: Controller Profiles - Wiimote Controller ?
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Nice too see that there is development going on and profiles are getting added just missing Wiimotes i see all the others just curious is thats in the backlog or was left out for some reason.

//Cheers Toast
I guess no one uses it for non Wii games. And Wii emulation isn't supported yet. But usually you can pair it with openelec/librec yourself and map the buttons for other emulation platforms. If you have done that just post the map configuration ;P
not a *elec fanboy and im just talking about mapping the controller cause its quite useful for retrogaming since im already running it for Retrosmc with a perfect config just want it to transfer to Retroplayer when the time comes thats why i started this topic.
Well than with any other preview build Big Grin but i guess your OS needs to support Wii remotes as controllers.
Windows 10 BT stack works pretty good with wiimotes.

Wiimotes are nice for NES and master system.
I've tried to get wiimotes working with windows 7, but the bluetooth stack is horrible (i tried both toshiba's and whatever bluesoliel turned into). I plan to support wiimotes in peripheral.joystick someday, just gotta find the time
Probably no point on wasting time on windows 7 support. Windows 7 stack doesnt work fine with wiimote. Only toshiba 8.0.12 and most of the time, is a pain to always sync wiimote.

Windows 10 stack works just fine, no need to re sync, just press 1+2 and wiimote will come up and will keep lights blinking until an app takes control of him (ie dolphin)

On the other hand, w10 stack doesnt detect at all wiimote clones. Just the genuine ones are usable.