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ok my bad, sorry admin. try again. is there a 'save your search' feature for kodi. many thanks using a fire stick, very very new to all this
So you have deleted your old infected build and completely re-installed Kodi clean? Otherwise your just asking the same question while omitting any mention of the banned add-ons. If you are referring to local content then I personally have not seen or found a save your search feature. But you can add a file to your favorites list. Cuts down on the clicking through menus for an often played item.
Your question is still specific to the add-on that we don't support and don't allow discussion about. It is not a general Kodi question.
ok so now all clean, is it possible to watch old tv shows like ncis etc, how would i go about this legally, i really don't want to breaking any rules anywhere if you know what i mean. which add-on would i need and thank you daega and ned
so is there anyway to watch old episodes of programes that have been on tv? I thought someone might have been able to help. i haven't even used the stick since cleaning it up as i have been waiting for an answer to my last question.
I personally don't know of any way of watching old TV shows for free legally. Netflix or maybe Hulu if you are in the states.
ah right i see ok thanks, i can get netflix through the fire stick so thats that sorted. so what do you guys use your kodi for then? just interested, many thanks draega. Does kodi have updates? i had something pop up telling me to go to a website for updates but didn't know if this was how i did it or not, i wasn't sure if it updated automatically.
I use KODI @ home to stream my local media from my PC w/ win10 via SMB.
is that like local tv phryzm? never thought of that. can you get radio like that too, there's a station i like but can only get it in the car, house radio can't get a good signal.