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Full Version: Freezing / Buffering on still pics during live stream
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probably my first post but I’m an active reader so far. Tried to find a solution in the forum but could not find the exact problem i'm experiencing.
Recently I got an S905 Android box with 2G RAM and installed Kodi 16.1 . All network video content plays well.

However, during Live TV stream from my Tvheadend server, on HD channels (1080) the stream freezes and starts buffering when there are still pictures introduced. This typically occurs every time during weather update and similar still pictures during news reports.
The box is on wired GB LAN and the server is on 4GHZ Ubuntu so there are no bottlenecks in the system. Furthermore my Win10 HTPC and my RPi2 are playing all Live TV content from same server without any glitches.

I could not find any advice if this problems is connected to Android or Amlogic. I read somewhere that it might be related to some ffmpeg bug with still pictures ...
Here is a sample from the log http://xbmclogs.com/pj0myunn7
On channel SVT 2 HD from 21:00 and forward there where random freezes and buffering. Observere that i created advancedsettings file but it wihtout any effect. The free memory reads 1.2GB ...

I hope that someone can help me before I scrap the new TV Box Big Grin
one more log http://xbmclogs.com/pviamj1qf
between 21:03 and 21:05 there where 4-5 freezes and buffering, all triggered by still pictures during news report, this happens on many HD channels that show still pics like commercials are similar ...

Appreciate whatever tips i can get ...
tried the latest SPMC and the problem reamins, random freezes during still pics between 7:05 - 7:15 in this log

Am I logging correctly? Should i log debug level and other components?
No you're not. Debug logging needs to be on from the moment you start kodi, so set debugging mode and then restart kodi (or reboot your machine).
it was i while, was busy with other things, however my problem persists Sad Even on SD channels like Nick Jr. during cartoons the picture freeze is consistent.
Debug log http://xbmclogs.com/ph0yuhlrx
Line 7684 to 9128 is the short period on Nick Jr. with ~7-8 freezes and buffering. I hope someone can see what is the problem here.

Thanks for your support!

Edit : I can identify the freezing in the log with the lines "CDVDPlayerVideo - Stillframe detected, switching to forced 25.000000 fps"
For some reason Kodi believes that Tvheadend is feeding a still frame and than it freezes ...