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Full Version: TMDB
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I'm having problems with 2 series ROOTS and SLEEPER CELL for metadata How do I use the api key on tv box Thanks in advance
Anyone got any ideas please
Look I know I'm not up to scratch with your degree of IT but any sort of an answer would be at least adequet I'm starting to get a complex about asking questions on this site as it's not the first time I've been completely ignored I love the Kodi system but if I cannot get answers what's the sense

1: use a Keyboard or remap a button.
2: or use the longpress function to bring the menu up to change the metadata.
Thanks very much Berzi for your answer but where do I put the key as I tried to put it into the search bar and it wouldn't paste Thanks again Berzi
Thank you Ned That's been a help
Actually Ned why did you stop doing kordcutters I sort of liked that program Thanks anyway for the pointer library looking OK now thanks again
Still doing it. Just busy lately :)